Collection Development 2011

Clockwise:  Karen, Lorraine, Joe, Darren, Becky, Casey, Nancy, Jim, JB, Tami.

Congratulations! You found the Collection Development blog. We hope you’ll come back regularly and look around since we post new entries frequently. Ah, but I hear you say, “I’m too busy to remember to go take a look at the blog, and besides if there isn’t anything new there since the last time, won’t I be wasting time when I should be working.”
Patience, grasshopper, there’s a cool way that you can be notified whenever new material is added to the blog, and other websites you visit as well. It’s called an RSS feed, and
Bill Barnes of the library comic strip Unshelved has a great little post explaining what they are and how to set one up. Be sure to watch the little youtube video Bill recommends, its great. Setting up an RSS feed is super easy and only takes a few minutes.

The Collection Development Department purchases books, films, music, and downloadable materials for customers of all 22 of Sno-Isle’s community libraries. Here you’ll find news about emerging formats, as well as lists of new materials, and general news about librarianship.


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