PBS’s Great American Read List

April 24, 2018

PBS will air a Great American Read series starting Tuesday, May 22nd.

The series “explores the joy of reading as the nation votes for America’s best-loved book.” That list has also now been announced and it’s delightful. I love a reading list that includes The Picture of Dorian Gray; I, Alex Cross; Americanah by Adichie; William Paul Young’s The Shack; and Memoirs of a Geisha (which topped the NYT Bestseller List for pretty much the late 90’s), all in one!

Here also is an excellent article by LJ’s Barbara Hoffert.

Here are some others:

Outlander (Series) cover  The Outsiders cover  Rebecca cover  Ready Player One cover  Siddhartha cover  Lonesome Dove cover








6 Responses to “PBS’s Great American Read List”

  1. Jackie Parker Says:

    I feel bad about it, because I was really looking forward to what they were going to choose, but when I read the list this morning, I was super disappointed. I’m sure that’s somewhat my reading bias showing, and I don’t know what I’d put on *MY* version of the list (well, I wouldn’t do something like that alone…) and there would definitely be overlap, but I guess I was looking for something… more… … … untraditional? Few on the list haven’t already appeared on similar lists. I think I wanted it to be something other than it is, which isn’t fair. Admittedly, there are several of my favorites, so… something for everyone. /jumblingrambleofdiscontentedfeels

  2. Darren Says:

    Hm I kind of thought there was a lot of untraditional (or I’m so traditional I thought so). Oscar Wao, Fifty Shades, and Americanah aren’t exactly safe canon picks from my high school days. You might mean more overlooked/undiscovered? In that case it would be hard to beat you to the unearthed gems, perhaps. Oh, and as this is about “best loved” I think it’s bound to seem familiar. I’m interested in what you’d add.

  3. Michelle C. Says:

    I have certainly read a lot more of the books on this list than most 100 best lists!

  4. Darren Says:

    Me too and a few I’ll admit.

  5. Zandra Says:

    Jackie, I think I understand where you are coming from. I was thinking of this list as having the potential to add to my TBR list in a significant way, but it really felt like a rehashing of similar lists (or maybe a merging of new and old lists?). I will admit that I’ve read a number of title on here, and that I did really enjoy many of them. But some part of me was really hoping for more.

    I also was a little disappointed that they chose to include series instead of picking either the first or best book from a series. I would really like a list of 100 books to actually be 100 books (though at least they only chose a few series, unlike when NPR did a 100 romance list and 40% were series, leading to the list actually being almost 400 books).

  6. Celeste C. Says:

    I am glad to see the list includes J and Teen titles, but I agree, most are already read or on the list. Nothing I didn’t already know about.

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