Library Journal Materials Survey 2017

March 24, 2017

Library Journal posted a report from their annual materials survey: Under the Surface: Materials Survey 2017.  LJ tracks budgets and circulation at public libraries.

Last year, public library materials budgets barely budged, growing by 0.7 percent on average and moving up significantly only at libraries serving populations of 500,000-plus. Print book budgets saw no growth at all for the third year in a row. Circulation, too, was static, growing only 0.6 percent overall and passing one percent only at libraries serving populations of 10,000–24,999. But beneath this flat surface, materials budgets and circulation showed a surprising amount of movement.

The article also looked at what is circulated.

The top five adult fiction genres checked out in print and eBook are:

  1. Mystery/Suspense
  2. General Fiction
  3. Romance
  4. Thrillers
  5. Christian Fiction

The top five subjects for adult nonfiction checked out in print and eBook are:

  1. Cooking
  2. Biography/Memoir
  3. Self-Help/Psychology
  4. History
  5. Medicine/Health

The final thought of the article was:

Surging downloadables, wavering physical audios, tumbling print, ebook assertiveness, and ever-changing reading tastes—librarians find themselves in a landscape that’s hardly placid. Attentiveness to readers’ needs is more crucial than ever. For the more things seem the same, the more they’re ­always changing.

Post by Lorraine


One Response to “Library Journal Materials Survey 2017”

  1. Darren Says:

    Interesting – thanks! Glad to see bio is still high up on the non-fiction list.

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