Patterson Bookshots Cancellations Spring 2017

March 6, 2017

Though no one seems to be getting official word from the publisher Hachette or any other news, it appears all currently-ordered upcoming print and physical audiobook titles of James Patterson’s new Bookshots series are being cancelled.  This has been confirmed from our vendors Baker & Taylor and Ingram. The print titles are definitely cancelled and the audio and e content may be but it’s less clear.  I will update you on any news.  In the meantime, we are cancelling orders and associated holds in Polaris as we get confirmation of cancelled publication from vendors,  and will rely on the usual cancellation message to customers. Please spread the word.


Do NOT expect these in our physical collections any time soon:

Update 3/9/17: We just got word from OverDrive that they believe this series is continuing in electronic formats as they seem to be doing well.

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3 Responses to “Patterson Bookshots Cancellations Spring 2017”

  1. Kathy S Says:

    Any word as to why yet?

  2. Darren Says:

    Not yet – nor do I know if it applies to OverDrive as they still show titles for sale in OD Marketplace that have definitely been cancelled in print. I also don’t know for sure if this means the series concept is sort of going online only, private sales only or is totally on its way out. I wish I could be more helpful right now but will update the posting if I hear for sure.

  3. Darren Says:

    Actually it looks like Bedding the Highlander in eaudio has checked out and been released since yesterday. It looks electronic exclusive. Hachette’s site says “buy the e-book” and nothing about print. That would be my best guess at the moment.

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