Language! The Collection and Ongoing Changes

January 26, 2017

Rapid Dutch. Vol. 1 & 2Rapid Mandarin. Vols. 1-2Rapid Greek. Vols. 1-2

Living Language is really migrating to all online courses, so I am phasing out physical discs of them.  I’m pulling unviable old editions from the collection as well, especially if there’s only one copy left.

A lot of Pimsleur programs are still sold by Recorded Books, but because of their price I am being judicious about new orders and replacements.  I would appreciate SINC’s or input  if you notice (or especially if through deletion you are having to create) any gaps in any language learning materials. The response may be a substitution rather than literal replacement.

I’ve also purchased a bit of Pimsleur on OverDrive but there again I’m going slow. It might be worth mentioning to anyone for whom Mango isn’t right or isn’t enough and who really wants something portable.

I also want to point out the newish Berlitz’ Earworms “musical brain trainer” series, which I’m hoping will serve largely as a kind of replacement for the basic “in your car” old series.  They are fun, but I’m  not sure they’re for everyone.  These work by punching out lyrical repetitions of common phrases against jazzy background music, with no detailed grammar explanation. They seem best for business and leisure travelers and hearing learners who don’t care how anything’s spelled. Here’s a positive review from Mezzofanti Guild.

We have bumped up the budget for International materials this year, too, in part because the new Mariner Branch serves a linguistically diverse community.  I am trying to work steadily on those, keeping something in the pipeline at all times. If you regularly work with a community using a collected language and sense stagnation in new items, I would not mind a nudge.


Rapid Italian  Rapid French. Vols. 1-3   Rapid German. Vols. 1-2


2 Responses to “Language! The Collection and Ongoing Changes”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Thank you for the link to Earworms. I was not aware of this series.

  2. Darren Says:

    You bet – I was disappointed with the circ at first but think it’s finally catching on.

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