Two ARCs – Edgar & Lucy and The Killing Bay

December 20, 2016

Both of these are fiction but have little else in common. Edgar & Lucy is dark, disturbing, strangely unique, moving, and interspersed with LOL dialog/relief, perhaps like The Nix in literary qualities but more foreboding and personal and less satirical. The Killing Bay is a Faroes sequel to The Blood Strand, which circulated 121 times in our system this year.

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Ould, Chris. The Killing Bay.  Titan Books, February 2017. 

When a group of international activists arrive on the Faroe Islands, intent on stopping the traditional whale hunts, tensions between islanders and protestors run high. And when a woman is found murdered only hours after a violent confrontation at a whale drive, the circumstances seem purposely designed to increase animosity between the two sides. For English DI Jan Reyna and local detective Hjalti Hentze, the case quickly exposes personal connections and con icts of interest. But as they dig deeper it becomes increasingly clear that the murder has other, more sinister aspects to it. Knowing evidence is being hidden from them, neither policeman knows who to trust, or how far some people might go to defend their beliefs.





Lodato, Victor.  Edgar & Lucy.  St. Martin’s, March 2017. 

Edgar and Lucy

Edgar and Lucy is a page-turning literary masterpiece–a stunning examination of family love and betrayal.  Eight-year-old Edgar Fini remembers nothing of the accident people still whisper about. He only knows that his father is gone, his mother has a limp, and his grandmother believes in ghosts. When Edgar meets a man with his own tragic story, the boy begins a journey into a secret wilderness where nothing is clear–not even the line between the living and the dead. In order to save her son, Lucy has no choice but to confront the demons of her past.  Profound, shocking, and beautiful, Edgar and Lucy is a thrilling adventure and the unlikeliest of love stories.  ” I love this book . Profoundly spiritual and hilariously specific…an unusual and intimate epic that manages to capture the wonder and terror of both child and parenthood with an uncanny clarity.” – Lena Dunham, bestselling author of Not That Kind of Girl “This tale gradually exerts a fiendish grip on the reader” – Helen Simonson, author of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand ” Took my breath away. ” — Sophie McManus, author of The Unfortunates “A quirky coming-of-age novel that deepens into something dark and strange without losing its heart or its sense of wonder .” – Tom Perrotta, bestselling author of The Leftovers


2 Responses to “Two ARCs – Edgar & Lucy and The Killing Bay”

  1. Stacey McKinley Says:

    If Edgar and Lucy still available –I will take

    Thanks Stacey

  2. Darren Says:

    On its way, thanks!

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