Andy Steves First Book in Collection

June 20, 2016

Yes, Andy is the son of locally resident travel guru Rick Steves and is continuing the legacy.  So far 5 holds on four copies – interesting to see.

Pick a WeekenAndy Steves' Europe : city-hopping on a budget.d, Pick a City, and Go!  This book picks up where crowdsourcing leaves off, covering the flashpacker skills you need for spur-of-the-moment trips to Europe’s top destinations. Master digital tools. Book cheap flights online, find rooms at AirBnB, and catch a ride with Uber. Connect with other travelers. Head to the most popular hostels for a ready-made, real-life social network.  Follow three-day plans to explore each city. Learn which cities match your interests and which can be easily combined for a longer trip. See iconic sights . Check the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye, and the Colosseum off your bucket list–and use Andy’s tips to save time and skip lines.  Hit the local hot spots. Chill at Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, study mixology at London’s speakeasies, and bust moves at Barcelona’s beach clubs.  Enjoy the best–and cheapest–local cuisine. Graze at crêperies in Paris, pubs in Dublin, and aperitivo in Rome. Become a temporary local. Adapt to the culture to enjoy authentic, unforgettable experiences.  ANDY STEVES was born into a traveling family, heading to Europe each year while his father, Rick Steves, researched his guidebooks and filmed his TV shows. Today, Andy introduces young travelers to Europe through his own company, Weekend Student Adventures (



2 Responses to “Andy Steves First Book in Collection”

  1. jeanne crisp Says:

    Hi – I can’t see that you’re offering a ARC, but thanks for the info anyway so I can put a hold on this. I’m curious how advice for millenials (my kids) differs from advice Rick give us parents. and if there’s an ARC I’d love to see it.

  2. Darren Says:

    So sorry no ARC but yes I’m curious too if there’s a difference in style. The young can travel cheap in Europe with some know-how, so I’m betting that’s the focus given the title

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