Librarian of Congress to Be a (Public!) Librarian

February 25, 2016

The president has nominated Carla Hayden of Enoch Pratt Free Library to be the next Librarian of Congress, intending to replace retired Librarian of Congress James Billington who had been a professor before taking the job in the Reagan Administration.  However, Hayden will not be serving similarly into the 2040’s because the position is now limited to ten years.  Here are some links by Publishers Weekly and Library Journal about the appointment.


Sari Feldman of the ALA has piped in as well:


“The President could not have made a better choice. Hats off to President Obama for nominating Dr. Hayden, a professional librarian uniquely positioned with the leadership and management skills and understanding of digital technology to make the Library of Congress the preeminent national library in the world, highly-valued by and serving all Americans as a treasured resource.  We look forward to working closely with her to further librarians’ bedrock principle that all Americans everywhere deserve and must have equitable access to the information that they need to succeed and lead productive lives in the digital age.”




4 Responses to “Librarian of Congress to Be a (Public!) Librarian”

  1. moochigeh Says:

    This news made my day!

  2. Jackie Says:

    I literally cheered out loud last night when I found out. Not only an actual professional librarian, but a PUBLIC librarian? Wowzers. Such a great appointment as far as I can see right now!

  3. Darren Says:

    Thanks, Jackie! You’re right to point that out and I slipped it into the title

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