Adult Fiction Standing Orders – Changes Now and Upcoming

July 28, 2015

Recently you may have noticed that new hardcover titles by single authors on our Adult Fiction Standing Order (always handy on the intranet) have been ordered closer to six months pre-publication instead of right around three months as previously. For instance, Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich is in there if you didn’t hear the starting pistol.  We are hoping this change will be reassuring to those customers with keen antennae for what’s coming up, minimizing RINC’s for what are certain orders anyway.  We also hope that this will avoid the situation where we have an electronic edition in the catalog for a long time before the print edition.

Another change that will gradually occur this summer is that Becky and I will be tweaking the list to adjust both authors and quantities. While restricted to the authors that Ingram offers in its program, we can add a significant number of newly popular authors (e.g., Jojo Moyes) while dropping other authors, or lowering automatic quantities for them, if they have been less active or their series a little less popular of late.    Stay tuned.


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