Local Author Jonathan Evison’s Next Book

May 14, 2015

This isn’t being published until September 8th but we are soon putting in an initial order of 25 (and 3 New Camano which will appear first), so RINC’s can now become holds. Evison’s West of Here circulated over 2000 times and it’s so exciting to anticipate the next. I do have an ARC for first Sno-Isle employee/fan who comments to this post, but you may not get until early next week.

This is Your Life, Harriet Chance! by Jonathan Evison This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!

Baker & Taylor Annotation from publisher:

With her husband Bernard two years in the grave, seventy-nine-year-old Harriet Chance sets sail on an ill-conceived Alaskan cruise only to discover that she’s been living the past sixty years of her life under entirely false pretenses. There, amid the buffets and lounge singers, between the imagined appearance of her late husband and the very real arrival of her estranged daughter, Harriet is forced to take a long look back, confronting the truth about pivotal events that changed the course of her life.

Jonathan Evison has crafted a bighearted novel with an endearing heroine at its center. Through Harriet, he paints a bittersweet portrait of a postmodern everywoman with great warmth, humanity, and humor. Part dysfunctional love story, part poignant exploration of the mother/daughter relationship, nothing is what it seems in this tale of acceptance, reexamination, forgiveness, and, ultimately, healing. It is sure to appeal to admirers of Evison’s previous work, as well as fans of such writers as Meg Wolitzer, Junot Díaz, and Karen Joy Fowler.





4 Responses to “Local Author Jonathan Evison’s Next Book”

  1. Anne Murphy Says:

    You can give the ARC to the next person, because I have one of my own, but I just have to rave about how good this book is!

    Harriet Chance is Jonathan at his best. Funny, sad, dark and light – he manages to touch every mood in this one.

  2. bschnell@sno-isle.org` Says:

    I’m curious to read this as I just sailed on an Alaskan cruise this past summer, and want to see how it is used as a backdrop to this story. Plus, both Anne and Darren are raving about it.

  3. Darren Says:

    On its way thanks! Each Evison book has been so different. This one’s funny.

  4. Darren Says:

    Thanks, Anne! I agree and the second person narration’s really interesting –

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