The Girl in the Spider’s Web – SEPT 2015

April 9, 2015

Late last month the story broke (NPRThe Girl in the Spider's Web (Millennium Series #4) article) that a new title would continue the late Stieg Larsson’s  Millennium series featuring Lisbeth Salander. It is due September 1st but I am sneaking it into the window and this should appear in the catalog within a couple weeks.

Reportedly, this resumption of the popular character’s story has the blessings of Larsson’s estate if not his partner, Eva Gabrielsson.  The author continuing the legacy is David Lagercranz, a Swedish crime reporter.





2 Responses to “The Girl in the Spider’s Web – SEPT 2015”

  1. Robyn Yocum Says:

    I am so excited! Thank you for posting.

    Robyn Yocum
    Library Associate II, Public Services
    Sno-Isle Community Libraries

  2. Darren Says:

    You bet and it’s in the catalog now also – thanks!

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