ARC Feeding Frenzy – Coming in March 2015

February 3, 2015

OK new rules: don’t highlight single titles without ARC’s and try not to offer just one ARC.  Message received!  Comment to claim and please go ahead and specify any second choices. Thank you. Summaries are from Baker & Taylor.

This first one is a Seattle author (the editor of Edible Seattle) with a local setting. We’re ordering it now.  The publisher is marketing as a read-alike for Anne Lamott.

Weaver, Tara Austen. Orchard House: How a Neglected Garden Taught One Family to Grow

Summary: PeelingOrchard House: How a Neglected Garden Taught One Family to Grow paint, stained floors, vined-over windows, a neglected and wild garden—Tara Austen Weaver can’t get the Seattle real-estate listing out of her head. Any sane person would’ve seen the abandoned property for what it was: a ramshackle half-acre filled with dead grass, blackberry vines, and trouble. But Tara sees potential and promise—not only for the edible bounty the garden could yield for her family, but for the personal renewal she and her mother might reap along the way.




This one I enjoyed myself and is a religious literary thriller and murder mystery that features the Shroud of Turin and passages of the Diatessaron as they relate to the shroud. It’s narrated by an Eastern Rite priest who works at the Vatican. This one’s a natural for Dan Brown/Matthew Pearl fans as well as Ian Caldwell readers.

Caldwell, Ian. The Fifth Gospel

The Fifth Gospel: A Novel

Summary: In 2004, as Pope John Paul II’s reign enters its twilight, a mysterious exhibit is under construction at the Vatican Museums. A week before it is scheduled to open, its curator is murdered at a clandestine meeting on the outskirts of Rome. That same night, a violent break-in rocks the home of the curator’s research partner, Father Alex Andreou, a Greek Catholic priest who lives inside the Vatican with his five-year-old son. When the papal police fail to identify a suspect in either crime, Father Alex, desperate to keep his family safe, undertakes his own investigation. To find the killer he must reconstruct the dead curator’s secret: what the four Christian gospels—and a little-known, true-to-life fifth gospel known as the Diatessaron—reveal about the Church’s most controversial holy relic. But just as he begins to understand the truth about his friend’s death and its consequences for the future of the world’s two largest Christian Churches, Father Alex finds himself hunted down by someone with a vested stake in the exhibit—someone he must outwit to survive.



Crawford, Susan.  The Pocket Wife

The Pocket Wife: A Novel

Summary: Dana Catrell is shocked when her neighbor Celia is brutally murdered. To Dana’s horror, she was the last person to see Celia alive. Suffering from mania, the result of her bipolar disorder, she has troubling holes in her memory, including what happened on the afternoon of Celia’s death.

Her husband’s odd behavior and the probing of Detective Jack Moss create further complications as she searches for answers. The closer she comes to piecing together the shards of her broken memory, the more Dana falls apart. Is there a murderer lurking inside her . . . or is there one out there in the shadows of reality, waiting to strike again?



Joy, David. Where All Light Tends to Go

Summary: The area suWhere All Light Tends to Gorrounding Cashiers, North Carolina, is home to people of all kinds, but the world that Jacob McNeely lives in is crueler than most. His father runs a methodically organized meth ring, with local authorities on the dime to turn a blind eye to his dealings. Having dropped out of high school and cut himself off from his peers, Jacob has been working for this father for years, all on the promise that his payday will come eventually. The only joy he finds comes from reuniting with Maggie, his first love, and a girl clearly bound for bigger and better things than their hardscrabble town.



8 Responses to “ARC Feeding Frenzy – Coming in March 2015”

  1. Leanne Nott Says:

    I’d like a copy of Orchard House!

  2. Darren Says:

    You’ve got it, thanks for claiming!

  3. Alyssa Sampson Says:

    I’d like a copy of Where All Light Tends to Go, if it hasn’t been claimed. Thanks!

  4. Darren Says:

    Great, on its way, thanks!

  5. Heather Orsen Says:

    I’d like a copy of the Pocket Wife if there’s still one available. 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Darren Says:

    You bet – on its way!

  7. KelliB Says:

    If The Fifth Gospel is still available, that would be awesome!

  8. Darren Says:

    Sure thing. On its way!

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