INTL Circulation Trends

December 22, 2014

Below is a brief table showing international collection circulation for all of 2013 and 2014 year to December 18th, according to a Polaris Simply Reports report.  We have been trying to target funds to more copies of the most popular items and getting assistance wherever we can from Sno-Isle staff who speak the relevant languages and/or have contacts to local communities. This assistance has been a tremendous help and I think we see results in Russian and Spanish especially.  Korean perhaps bears some watching. The others seem to be holding up anyway. We also collect Vietnamese but its circulation is far smaller.

Remember we no longer collect Tagalog, and the collection we had is now out of the catalog, except for literally 2 items in problematic statuses.


INTL TOTL YTD CIRC 2014 61208 INTL TOTL TYD CIRC 2013 Total 60040
CHIN 8509 CHIN 8688
JAPA 15320 JAPA 15404
KORE 12582 KORE 13854
RUSS 9369 RUSS 8410
SPAN 15428 SPAN 13684

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