Pew Study on Book and Ebook Readership

June 10, 2014

I stumbled across this study by the Pew Research Center while searching for information on format transition for the Collection Budget Team.  I really thought these results were interesting enough to share with a wider group.  Among the findings:

Half of Americans now own either a tablet or an e-reader

A third say they read an ebook in the last year, compared to 78% who read a book in any format including audiobook

In the 2014 results, 32% read a book on a cell phone, 55% on a tablet, and 57% on an e-reader

87% of ebook readers also read a print book, and 29% also listened to an audiobook

A majority of print readers still read only in that format, while 35% also read an ebook.

I don’t know if this indicates long term whether ereading will largely replace print reading someday or settle into a permanent niche at a certain level.  What does seem clear is that both methods of reading will co-exist with significant overlap for quite some time.




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