EBook Exclusives – J. A. Jance’s The Old Blue Line

May 28, 2014

Lately, popular authors and their publishers have been releasing novellas and other short, sometimes even experimental, works exclusively as eBook singles.  A good example that a librarian brought to my attention today was J. A. Jance’s Joanna Brady novella called The Old Blue Line, coming out next month only in eBook format.  There is no promising sign on the horizon that this content is coming to print any time soon, unfortunately.  At the moment it is also not available for us to purchase in OverDrive and 3M, but titles may appear later in them close to or after the publication date.

Here’s a link to a Forbes article  from last year that explains an economic motive for doing electronic only publication for shorter works. If you’re a glass half full kind of person, you might note that the likely alternative would be no availability at all for these, but that’s probably little consolation to the tantalized print reader and/or library borrower.



2 Responses to “EBook Exclusives – J. A. Jance’s The Old Blue Line”

  1. David Menard Says:

    Lee Child eventually added his eBook singles to the paperback editions of his latest books, so maybe Jance will follow suit.

    I sold books at a JA Jance event a few years back, and the only calculator I had was solar. JA insisted on dimming the lights for her talk, so every time I needed the calculator, I had to run into the adjacent kitchen — and open the refrigerator for light!

  2. vij66789 Says:

    Thank you for the hopeful observation (about Lee Child).

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