New GED test

January 3, 2014

The GED test has been completely changed as of starting January 1, 2014.  Any GED test guides that refer to the old test are no longer accurate or useful.  I am pulling in all of the older titles to remove them from the collection.  At the same time, I am moving holds to newer editions, or, if no newer edition is available, canceling the hold and notifying the customer.

New editions of print study guides have been somewhat delayed.  I have ordered everything I can find that meets our selection criteria. For now, we have in the collection How to prepare for the GED test. (Barron’s)

We have on order (still to come):

Peterson’s Master the GED (due in February)

Princeton Review, Cracking the GED (due in July)

GED for dummies : Premier Edition (due in April)

GED Test Preparation (due in April)

Kaplan New GED (will be here soon)

Pass key to the GED (will be here soon)

People working on their GED were strongly encouraged to complete it before December 31, 2013.  Partially completed tests do not carry over to the new test.  I think this will create something of a lull for the new test-takers, giving us time for the new test books to come in to the system.

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