New Zinio release improves customer experience

November 22, 2013

On Thursday, 11/21, the Zinio vendor issued a new software release that improves the customer’s user experience.  Here are the changes, from the vendor’s announcement:


ZINIO CHECK OUT PROCESS – with the performance speed, image and experience improvements, there are a several notable enhancements to the library collection checkout process.

1. To checkout, click on the Checkout button or Checkout Now link. A dialog box will appear offering the choice to KEEP BROWSING to check out more magazines, or START READING to be redirected to 

2. To START READING, a second tab for the reading collection opens (the user will be prompted to log in if not logged in and display the image on the log in page.)  The patron will no longer see the dollar value in their payment history account profile screen. The magazine will immediately appear in the user Your Reading List pages.

3. Users may toggle back to the Magazine Detail Page tab to check out a 2nd magazine.

4. When a 2nd (and any subsequent magazine) is checked out during the same browser session, an ADDITIONAL browser tab for will open each time the user chooses to Start Reading.

5. As a new feature, when a user goes back to the Magazine Detail Page tab and attempts to check out the SAME magazine issue again a message appears letting them know that they already checked out that issue. At this point, the user may choose, again, to Keep Browsing or Start Reading.

These checkout improvements/enhancements provide a better experience for the patron to visually show them the result of their check out action.

 posted by Nancy


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