E-Books Seem to Settle Into Market Niche

October 31, 2013

According to a study analyzed by Publisher’s Weekly, eBooks’ share of the total market actually dipped a bit between the first and second quarters of this year, after a rocket rise in previous years.  This could be a plateau on the way to further heights or this format may have settled at last.

In the coming year, we are investing significantly to develop more fully our e-collections, especially 3M, the new kid on the block.  This could include some retrospective development as well as keeping up with current frontlist demand.  We have spread out the selection of these so it is not falling all on one person.  The best way to “SINC” a title, however, is to go ahead and use the recommendation and wishlist features within OverDrive and 3M.  A recommend-to-library title in OverDrive is also much like a RINC, with an automatic notice for the recommending customer.  The ease and speed with which we can obtain electronic titles, assuming of  course they are available in the first place, is gratifying for all, and they will never be lost or damaged.  Romance readers seem to have taken especially to eBooks, which is a good thing because the print versions sometimes have a short life even if we can get them in print.   I welcome feedback particularly about the 3M display shelves, over which we have total control, but please remind customers this isn’t the whole collection!

A big thank you to all of you in the branches that help connect users to these resources every day!









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