New Titles for MOSE Lifelong Learning

October 23, 2013

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Listed by title
The Day Kennedy Died: 50 Years Later: Life Remembers the Man and the Moment
On the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, the influential news magazine chronicles the tragic events of that day, including all 486 frames of the Zapruder film and a full reprint of the original issue from 1963.
Gold: The Race for the World’s Most Seductive Metal
Hart, Matthew
From the earliest civilizations to today, explores the human obsession with gold, which has, since the 2008 financial crisis, more than doubled in price, causing a global gold rush.
Hap Arnold: The General Who Invented the U. S. Air Force
Yenne, Bill
A portrait of the five-star U.S. Air Force general and architect of the critical World War II air strategy traces his life from his prankster childhood through his career as an elder statesman, discussing his influence as a bold advocate for technological advancement and an innovative military leader responsible for much of the Air Force’s creation.
Northwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening: Plant, Grow, and Harvest the Best Edibles – Oregon, Washington, Northern California, British Columbia
Elzer-Peters, Katie
If you live in the Northwest, you’ll discover the best edible plants for your garden in this beautiful step-by-step how-to guide and they’ll be on your table before you know it.
Pinkerton’s Great Detective: The Amazing Life and Times of James Mcparland
Riffenburgh, Beau
The story of the legendary detective credited with the defeat of the Molly Maguire gang and Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch offers insight into his innovative “cloak-and-dagger” methods and his investigation into the Western Federation of Mines for the assassination of Idaho’s former governor.
The Values Factor: The Secret to Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling Life
Demartini, John, Dr.
An internationally renowned self-help speaker draws on his research and teachings to outline an inspiring plan for fulfilling goals and dreams, explaining how to identify one’s most meaningful values while aligning priorities to promote loving relationships, a fulfilling career, financial autonomy and a rich spiritual life.
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