Book Kits – Division of Labor Clarification

October 23, 2013

I thought it would be a good idea to clarify roles for the book kit system so you can connect with the right department and person with input and follow-up.  The basic breakdown is I buy, Circulation circulates.

If you have a question or concern related to actual book kit reservations (making, changing, or cancelling), book group accounts, or distribution of kits (where’s this kit?), the primary contact is now Hilary Paulus, (extension 7048).   There’s nothing terrible about contacting me with those issues, but I’m just going to refer you on to someone in Circulation.

On the other hand if someone, staff or customer, has input on a suggested new title for the kit collection, or someone is interested in trying to donate a kit, then I’m your guy (Darren Nelson, extension 7075).   Most of the kits that aren’t donations are purchased with Sno-Isle Foundation funds, and those kits are approved for purchase at quarterly meetings of the Reader’s Advisory Committee.  Starting next year I won’t be a full member of the committee but I’ll still be composing the suggestion lists for them, and they always welcome suggestions.  The main criteria are 1) availability in trade paperback and 2)  having “discussable” issues that are of likely interest to book clubs.

I hope this makes sense.  Please contact me with any questions about this message.

Many thanks!


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