New Titles for Adult Standing Order Fiction

October 18, 2013

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Andrew’s Brain
Doctorow, E. L.
A deeply psychological tale by the award-winning author of Billy Bathgate recounts the experiences of Andrew, who confesses to an unknown recipient the memory- and truth-challenging events, loves and tragedies that have led him to a mysterious act.
Cook, Robin
Entering a profession on the brink of radical transformation by a new smartphone technology capable of diagnosing and treating patients, radiology resident George Wilson is horrified when his fiancée and several patients die after beta testing the technology. By the best-selling author of Intervention.
Dark Wolf
Feehan, Christine
Already tasked with shielding half of his soul, Skyler must save Carpathian Dimitri after he is marked for extermination by the Lycans, in the second novel of the Carpathian trilogy following Dark Lycan.
The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches: A Flavia De Luce Novel
Bradley, Alan
A latest entry in the best-selling series of cozy mysteries finds young chemist and aspiring detective Flavia de Luce using her knowledge of poisons and indefatigable spirit to solve a dastardly crime on the English countryside while learning new clues about her mother’s disappearance. By the author of The Red Herring Without Mustard.
Fear Nothing: A Detective D. D. Warren Novel
Gardner, Lisa
Seriously injured after stumbling into a crime scene she cannot remember, Boston Detective D. D. Warren learns about a second murder with the same characteristics only to discover that she is being personally targeted by the killer. By the award-winning author of The Neighbor.
The Invention of Wings
Kidd, Sue Monk
Traces more than three decades in the lives of a wealthy Charleston debutante who longs to break free from the strictures of her household and pursue a meaningful life; and the urban slave, Handful, who is placed in her charge as a child before finding courage and a sense of self. By the best-selling author of The Secret Life of Bees.
River Road
Krentz, Jayne Ann
Returning 13 years after an embarrassing incident from her teens to the hometown of her beloved late aunt, forensic genealogist Lucy Sheridan makes shocking discoveries about her aunt’s death, the disappearance of a cold-blooded local and an attractive former cop. By the best-selling author of Dream Eyes.
Standup Guy
Woods, Stuart
Giving legal advice to an unusually well-deported gentleman only to discover that several people are interested in the man’s link to a long-ago crime, Stone Barrington pursues a winner-take-all investigation that leads him from Florida’s tropical beaches to the posh vacation homes of the Northeast.
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