Two ARCS – Sittenfeld and Atwood

September 3, 2013

Curtis Sittenfeld’s Sisterland is no longer so advanced but is still quite hot.  In case you missed a good spot in line, this ARC is available.  Sisterland is about two identical twin sisters with psychic “senses” whose paths and adult personalities couldn’t be more divergent: impulsive and eccentric Violet cultivates her gift for public celebrity while Kate suppresses her powers completely to pursue respectable Suburban domesticity.   When Vi publicly predicts an earthquake for a specific date, Katie seems determined to shield the family from embarrassment.  Katie has a sense of foreboding for the date also, but perhaps not because of a natural disaster.  The building suspense and development of the sisters’ characters are both superb.

Sisterland : a novel


Also available is the last of Margaret Atwood’s environmental apocalyptic trilogy called MaddAddam, combining characters from Oryx and Crake and the Year of the Flood.  This is just coming out this month and I hope it, too, can find another staff reader who missed the front of the queue.




4 Responses to “Two ARCS – Sittenfeld and Atwood”

  1. Liz King Says:

    I would love to take Sisterland off your hands.

  2. Darren Says:

    You’ve got it, thanks!


  3. Emily Says:

    I would totally take MaddAddam if no one else ends up needing it, although I am currently #1 in the hold queue…

  4. Darren Says:

    Great, thanks! How about I send it to you tomorrow if no one else claims today.

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