New Strategies for Selecting INTL Collection

July 17, 2013

We have decided to stop receiving language sets from Multicultural Books after August 1, 2013.  Some of the issues we were having with these sets include speed of filling orders and lack of control of the kinds of items we were getting.

This year we have been ordering most Spanish materials from Brodart (which will include Guadalajara Fair recommendations) and will now be ordering most Asian materials from Tsai Fong and Russian materials from direct vendors such as  We have had good experiences so far with Brodart and Tsai Fong.  I am intentionally concentrating selection on titles with proven popularity (popular subjects such as cookbooks, bestselling fiction, picture books, etc.) rather than trying to maintain a broad sort of “balance.”  My hope is that by going this route we can increase circulation and customer satisfaction for these collections and reduce the back-and-forth movement of dead international items between branches.

One exciting development: this year Shannon Dye, Children’ Librarian at Monroe, has secured outside funding to attend the Guadalajara International Book Fair in late November/early December.  While she is there, Shannon has offered to do some substantial selection of new Spanish materials for Sno-Isle to be received early in 2014. Here is a link to the fair’s website if interested.  The fair is an excellent source of new, relevant, and popular materials focused more on Mexico and Central America rather than Spain and South America.  They should be of interest to our local community.  I am grateful to Shannon and all of you who offer assistance in identifying valuable new children’s titles for our Spanish Collection.  Also I want to mention how helpful Ala Beissel from Mukilteo has been in identifying materials for our Russian Collection.  Sno-Isle is lucky to have staff with diverse language and cultural skills.

Note: though we do float International collections these days, Circulation Services still distributes brand new items based on the grid we used in pre-floating times.  The branches that receive these items initially are logical destinations based on demonstrated community interest.

Chinese                Japanese             Russian           Spanish


One Response to “New Strategies for Selecting INTL Collection”

  1. Jeanne Crisp Says:

    It’s exciting to learn about Shannon’s trip to Guadalajara. Thanks, Shannon, for doing this! And for being “selector for a day – or two”.

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