New Titles for MOSE Lifelong Learning

May 13, 2013

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Echoes of My Soul
Tanenbaum, Robert K.
This riveting chronicle of the infamous Career Girls Murders, a case that led to the Supreme Court’s enactment of the Miranda Rights and the abolition of the death penalty in New York State, follows the murder of two young women, the innocent man convicted of the crime and the young D.A. who refused to give up until justice was served.
The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die
Ferguson, Niall
A provocative examination of the institutional dysfunction that the author believes is threatening the Western world argues that such key values as a free market and representative government are being increasingly compromised while future generations are inheriting unmanageable levels of debt and fallout.
Midnight in Mexico: A Reporter’s Journey Through a Country’s Descent into Darkness
Corchado, Alfredo
A Dallas Morning News Mexican Bureau Chief who was the first reporter granted an interview with Mexico’s first democratic president traces his 2007, 24-hour effort to end a threat against his own life by a paramilitary group that sought to prevent his investigations into Mexico’s drug trafficking and government corruption.
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