New Titles for MOSE Lifelong Learning

April 17, 2013

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
The Backyard Sheep: An Introductory Guide to Keeping Productive Pet Sheep
Weaver, Sue
With Sue Weaver’s expert guidance, it’s easy to raise sheep in your own backyard, whether for fleece and milk (and the wonderful cheese, yogurt, and butter you can make from it) or as companionable pets. Weaver covers absolutely everything beginners need to know to keep sheep safe, healthy, and maximally productive.
Book Play: Creative Adventures in Handmade Books
Cogswell, Margaret Couch
Reading books can take you on an adventure; so can MAKING them! This inspiring guide explores bookmaking with artist and teacher Margaret Couch Cogswell, who reveals her own unique techniques in detail. Cosgwell’s imaginative projects include a mini-hardcover with a companion bag; a beginner-friendly accordion fold book; and even a book you can wear as a crown! Conversational instructions and numerous gallery images will help crafters find their own creative voice.
Counterclockwise: My Year of Hypnosis, Hormones, Dark Chocolate, and Other Adventures in the World of Anti-aging
Kessler, Lauren
A lighthearted assessment of the anti-aging movement as experienced firsthand by the author describes her experimentation with methods ranging from cosmetics and surgery to hypnosis and anti-aging retreats, offering insight into the less-explored aspects of actual physical youth maintenance. By the author of My Teenage Werewolf.
The Green Boat: Reviving Ourselves in Our Capsized Culture
Pipher, Mary
Both profound and practical, The Green Boat explains how we can attend to the world around us with calmness, balance, and great love.
Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall: How I Learned to Love My Body by Not Looking at It for a Year
Gruys, Kjerstin
A fashionista and bride-to-be chronicles the year she spent avoiding her own reflection as part of a plan to battle an eating disorder and bolster her self-esteem, an effort throughout which she relied on the feedback of loved ones to help her gauge her appearance, outlook, priorities and beliefs about beauty.
The Pacific Northwest Berry Book: Finding, Identifying, and Preparing Berries Throughout the Pacific Northwest
Krumm, Bob
A complete revised and updated guide to finding, harvesting, and preparing wild berries and fruits in the Pacific Northwest.
Preserving: Putting Up the Season’s Bounty
Culinary Institute of America (COR)
A guide to home preserving by the prestigious Culinary Institute of America outlines the health and environmental benefits of canning and preserving backyard produce, sharing detailed instructions for every method while providing more than 60 recipes for pickles, jams and other homemade foods.
Raising Chickens: From Building Coops to Collecting Eggs and More
Pezza, Kim
Including detailed illustrations and informative photographs, a comprehensive primer for first-time chicken farmers takes readers from start to finish, from planning out your chickens’ space to enjoying your very own farm-fresh eggs and more.
Teaming With Nutrients: The Organic Gardeneræs Guide to Optimizing Plant Nutrition
Lowenfels, Jeff
The author of Teeming with Microbes explains what nutrients are involved in feeding plants and offers step-by-step instructions for organically providing both macro- and micro-nutrients to plants while presenting easy-to-understand lessons in biology, chemistry and botany.
This Is How to Get Your Next Job: An Inside Look at What Employers Really Want
Kay, Andrea / Bolles, Richard Nelson (FRW)
Even in a bad economy, companies have job openings they can’t fill. A leading career expert asks employers one simple question: why didn’t you hire the last 10 people you interviewed? Kay details the simple behaviors prospective employees exhibit that stand between them and job offers.
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