New Titles for Adult Standing Order Fiction

April 3, 2013

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Listed by author
The King’s Deception
Berry, Steve
When escalating political tensions between the United States and England put his son, Gary, in the hands of a man with a shadowy and intensely personal agenda, Cotton Malone finds himself confronting a baffling historical mystery that questions the legitimacy of Elizabeth I. By the best-selling author of The Jefferson Key.
The Light in the Ruins
Bohjalian, Christopher A.
Cocooned within their ancient Tuscan villa, the noble Rosatis try to deny that World War II is raging in the world beyond. Then two soldiers arrive, interested in the family graveyard, even as 18-year-old Cristina Rosati finds herself involved with a German. A decade later, police investigator Serafina Bettini tracks a vicious killer who’s after the Rosatis–for reasons that seem evident. Trust “New York Times” best-selling author Bohjalian, who’s adept at both intimate portrait and broad canvas, to make something gorgeous of love and war and revenge.
Coulter, Catherine
While on his way to D.C., Hammersmith plans to visit his sister, Delsey, a student at Stanislaus School of Music in Maestro, Virginia. Before he arrives, he gets a phone call that Delsey was found naked, unconscious, and covered with blood after a wild party. The blood isn’t hers – so who does it belong to?
The Heist
Evanovich, Janet / Goldberg, Lee
A first entry in a new collaborative comic suspense series by the best-selling author of the Stephanie Plum mysteries and the best-selling author of the Monk tales finds FBI Special Agent Kate Winslow using her own schemes to outmaneuver charming con man Danny Cole, who becomes an unlikely partner when her next mission pits her against a formidable adversary.
Hamilton, Laurell K.
Anita uses her familiarity with zombies to investigate why Micah’s father is dying from an inexplicable flesh-rotting disease in the latest novel of the number one New York Times best-selling series following Kiss the Dead.
Bad Monkey
Hiaasen, Carl
Anticipating his retirement from the Key West Police, Andrew Yancy tackles a murder case involving a human arm in his freezer, an investigation that pits him against a twitchy widow, a clueless real estate developer and a voodoo witch with a string of hapless lovers. By the best-selling author of Star Island.
Burdens of the Dead
Lackey, Mercedes / Flint, Eric / Freer, Dave
A Venetian siege on alternate-universe Constantinople finds Italian captain Benito Valdosta battling a magical manifestation of Hekate in order to save his daughter and destroys the fleets of the Chernobog, an effort that is complicated by Aidonus’s resolve to claim the woman Benito loves.
Lackey, Mercedes
On the run from an abusive husband, magician’s assistant Katie discovers that her employer is an Elemental Magician capable of commanding the Elementals of Air to help with his illusions in the new novel in the best-selling series following Home from the Sea.
One Heart to Win
Lindsey, Johanna
A landmark 50th novel by the best-selling author of the Malory series finds Tiffany reluctantly traveling to 1880s Montana Territory to end a family feud, a journey during which a train robbery and a case of mistaken identity lands her in her alluring fiancé’s ranch home.
Trains and Lovers
McCall Smith, Alexander
Inspired by a love of trains and the nature of love, a series of intertwined romantic tales follows the experiences of four strangers traveling from Edinburgh to London who entertain each other with reminiscences about how trains have changed their lives. By the best-selling author of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series.
Michaels, Fern
No annotation at this time
Choke Point
Pearson, Ridley
Hired to investigate allegations of a sweat-shop operation in Amsterdam that is enslaving young girls, Knox and tech information expert Grace Chu embark on a rescue mission that is challenged by a crime organization that has seduced local neighborhoods with showy goodwill practices.
The Long War
Pratchett, Terry / Baxter, Stephen
A new America called Valhalla grows restless under the controlling long arm of the Datum government, while all of the Long Earth is infused by the song of the trolls who are starting to react to humanity’s thoughtless exploitation, bringing humankind to the brink of war.
First Sight
Steel, Danielle
Timmie O’Neill is a youthful 48-year-old woman who rose from humble beginnings to create and run a successful fashion company for the past 23 years.  The path to her destiny is filled with convoluted peregrinations, but Timmie keeps on and ultimately achieves what she wants and deserves. A novel about love, in all its heartbreaking and splendid forms.
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