New Titles for MOSE Ready Readers / Family Place

March 15, 2013

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Raising a Self-Reliant Child: A Back-to-Basics Parenting Plan from Birth to Age 6
Levine, Alanna
With this practical guide, parents can end daily power struggles with their preschoolers, toddlers, and infants and create more time for the family to spend on things that matter by encouraging early childhood independence skills.
Raising Digital Families for Dummies
Bair, Amy Lupold
Each book covers all the necessary information a beginner needs to know about a particular topic, providing an index for easy reference and using the series’ signature set of symbols to clue the reader in to key topics, categorized under such titles as Tip, Remember, Warning!, Technical Stuff and True Story.
Touch a Butterfly: Wildlife Gardening With Kids–Simple Ways to Attract Birds, Butterflies, Toads, and More to Your Garden
Sayre, April Pulley
Turn your garden into a hummingbird hotspot, a haven for butterflies, and a thriving ecosystem that will delight and inspire the young and young-at-heart.
You and Your Anxious Child: Free Your Child from Fears and Worries and Create a Joyful Family Life
Albano, Anne Marie / Pepper, Leslie
Helps parents cope with and manage their children who are suffering from anxiety disorders by offering relatable case studies and groundbreaking, proven strategies to better handle the needs of every member of the household.
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