New Titles for MOSE Lifelong Learning

October 3, 2012

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
The Chicken: A Natural History
Hauber, Mark / Barber, Joseph / Daly, Janet / Rutland, Catrin
The Chicken is a timely, encyclopedic, science-based study that offers a true understanding of the species. High-quality photography, illustration and info-graphics combine with engaging and authoritative text to create an accessible reference book for the general market.
A Free Man: A True Story of Life and Death in Delhi
Sethi, Aman
Depicts the lives of a group of homeless friends living in the Old Delhi Railway Station in India and the adventures and misfortunes they experienced that ultimately brought each of them there.
How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed
Kurzweil, Ray
The best-selling author of The Age of Spiritual Machines explores the limitless potential of reverse-engineering the human brain, outlining the controversial implications of increasing intelligence in order to address global problems while comparing emotional and moral intelligence and considering the origins of consciousness.
How to Do Absolutely Everything: Homegrown Projects from Do-it-yourself Experts
James, Sarah (EDT) / Wilhelm, Eric J. (INT)
From outdoor agricultural projects to finding new uses for traditional household objects, the beauty of Instructables lies in their ingenuity and their ability to find new ways of looking at the same thing.  Full-color photographs illustrate each project in intricate detail, providing images of both the individual steps of the process and the end product.
The Injustice System: A Murder in Miami and a Trial Gone Wrong
Stafford Smith, Clive
The award-winning criminal lawyer and author of Eight O’clock Ferry to the Windward Side shares the story of the most discouraging case of his career, during which he defended an innocent Miami businessman whose murder conviction reflects disturbing and fundamental flaws in today’s legal system.
Keshiki Bonsai: The Easy, Modern Way to Create Miniature Landscapes
Kobayashi, Kenji
Keshiki bonsai is a revolutionary approach that involves creating living pieces of art using readily available plants and containers.  Each project is made with a wide variety of containers, from the most delicate, artisan clay to a repurposed ramekin and a simple box.
Makers: The New Industrial Revolution
Anderson, Chris
The award-winning author of The Long Tails reveals “micro-manufacturing” as the Western business world’s most significant trend for the next decade, explaining how today’s entrepreneurs will be using Web principles, from open source design to 3D printing, to create smaller, competitive product batches.
Greene, Robert
The author of the best-selling The 48 Laws of Power evaluates the tactics employed by great historical figures to offer insight into how to gain control over one’s own life and destiny, challenging cultural myths to demonstrate how everyday people can tap the power of a love for doing something well to achieve high levels of success.
Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim
Scottoline, Lisa / Serritella, Francesca
The award-winning mother-daughter team of Best Friends, Occasional Enemies presents a new collection of essays about womanhood and the bonds between female relatives, discussing such topics as the proper technique for packing dishes, the importance of bringing a coat in the summertime and the dos and don’ts of dating.
More from Macrina: New Favorites from Seattle’s Popular Neighborhood Bakery
Mackie, Leslie / Gordanier, Lisa (CON)
The James Beard Foundation Outstanding Contributor Award-winning artisan bread maker from Seattle’s Macrina Bakery & Cafe presents a selection of traditional Italian artisanal bread recipes that utilize European slow fermentation methods, in a volume that is complemented by a selection of cake, cookie, pie and savory recipes.
One Dish at a Time: Delicious Recipes and Stories from My Italian-American Childhood and Beyond
Bertinelli, Valerie
The weight-loss icon and star of One Day at a Time traces the story of how she developed a healthy relationship with food, describing happy culinary memories shared with her Italian family while offering more than 100 culturally inspired recipes complemented by recommendations for portion control and optimal nutrition.
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