e-book prices special edition

September 26, 2012

Maybe the Little Professor could help…

Unnoticed by me,  last week OverDrive released an update on Hachette e-book pricing announcing that they had miscalculated the percentage on increases.   Rather than a 220 percent increase as initially reported HBG will be increasing their pricing by 104 percent.

We’ll do it but not because you TOLD us to it

Publishers Weekly is reporting that Macmillan has announced that they are close to finalizing the details of a pilot project  that would make their e-books available to libraries.

“We have been working hard to develop an e-book lending model that works for all parties, as we value the libraries and the role they play in the reading community,” reads a statement provided to PW. “We are currently finalizing the details of our pilot program and will be announcing it when we are ready, and not in reaction to a demand.”

By  demand they probably mean this.

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One Response to “e-book prices special edition”

  1. Michelle Lundquist Says:

    Thank you Jim for pointing out and linking to a great article. It is encouraging to read that there are champions of library customers and our needs.

    Michelle L

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