New Adult Standing Order Fiction

September 7, 2012

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Fox Tracks
Brown, Rita Mae
A latest installment in the best-selling series that includes Hounded to Death finds Sister Jane Arnold Foxhunting tracking clues during an outbreak of crimes related to the world of competitive hunting and the tobacco industry.
Poseidon’s Arrow
Cussler, Clive / Cussler, Dirk
A latest entry in the best-selling series by the father-and-son team of Crescent Dawn continues the high-stakes adventures of the intrepid director of the National Underwater and Marine Agency.
The Tombs
Cussler, Clive / Perry, Thomas
Enlisted by an archaeologist friend to help excavate a top-secret historical site, husband-and-wife team Sam and Remi Fargo discover clues alluding to the hidden tomb and treasure of Attila the Hun and embark on a high-stakes chase through numerous countries, where they are pitted against dangerous adversaries.
The Last Man
Flynn, Vince
When a CIA black ops master with ties to disreputable figures in Afghanistan goes missing, Mitch Rapp is ordered to track down the missing man at all costs and finds himself enmeshed in a dangerous plot involving the interests of numerous countries.
Empire and Honor
Griffin, W. E. B. / Butterworth, William E.
In the closing months of the war, the United States made a secret deal with the head of German intelligence’s Soviet section. In exchange for a treasure trove of intelligence, including the identity of the Soviet spies in the American atomic bomb program, his people would be spirited to safety. If word got out, all hell would break loose, and the United States would lose some of its best sources, not to mention its most valuable secrets.
Crown of Vengeance
Lackey, Mercedes / Mallory, James
The best-selling authors of the Enduring Flame trilogy present a new fantasy saga set in the same world, where the truth is revealed about elfin Queen Vielissiar Faricarnon and the sacrifices she makes to work unprecedented magic and bond with a dragon.
An Outlaw’s Christmas
Miller, Linda Lael
Heading to Blue River, Texas, to gain employment as a marshal, Sawyer McKettrick instead finds himself at the mercy of a prim and proper lady with a gun who is the only one who can tame his wild heart.
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