New Titles for MOSE Ready Reader/Family Place

August 23, 2012

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Appetite for Life: The Thumbs-Up, No-Yucks Guide to Getting Your Kid to Be a Great Eater–Including over 100 Kid-Approved Recipes
Antine, Stacey
Featuring 100 simple, kid-approved recipes for all 3 meals plus snack time, the founder of HealthBarn USA, an organization that provides hands-on healthy-lifestyle education for children and their families, teaches parents how to feed their children natural, nutritious food from breakfast to bedtime.
Bully: An Action Plan for Teachers, Parents, and Communities to Combat the Bullying Crisis
Hirsch, Lee / Lowen, Cynthia
A companion to the controversial documentary film that is raising awareness about the millions of child victims of bullying shares expert essays outlining recommendations for concerned caregivers and educators, offers celebrity contributions and includes an account of how young Katy Butler successfully campaigned to change the movie’s rating to make it available to teen viewers. Original. Movie tie-in.
How Children Succeed: Rethinking Character and Intelligence
Tough, Paul
Challenges conventional views about standardized testing to argue that success is more determined by self-discipline, character and optimism, describing the work of pioneering researchers and educators whose insights into childhood stress and economic disadvantages have enabled effective new teaching methods.
Pregmancy: A dad, a little dude, and a due date
Piatt, Christian
We all have heard time and time again of the changes a woman goes through when she is pregnant. But what about the man? Doesn’t his life change too? Pregmancy is an honest and humorous memoir looking at the changes author Christian Piatt experience with his wife and son when they learn they’re expecting their second child an unplanned pregnancy. Containing stories and unscripted (and surprising) quotes from his young son as they await the birth of his baby sister, Pregmancy will take you on the wild ride of parenthood and show that it is not always easier the second time around.
Sacking Obesity: The Team Tiger Game Plan for Kids Who Want to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Win on and Off the Playing Field
Greene, Tiger
The teen founder of a non-profit foundation called Team Tiger, which helps kids fight childhood obesity, shares his own struggles with weight and his efforts to help families all over the world get healthy, including partnering with NFL players for a series of sports and wellness camps for obese children.
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