Publisher pulls Imagine : how creativity works by Jonah Lehrer

July 31, 2012

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has stopped publication of Imagine : how creativity works because the author, Jonah Lehrer apparently misquoted Bob Dylan.  Lehrer has also resigned from the New Yorker. Here is what the New York Times has to say.  The title is no longer available on the publisher’s website.

When a publisher pulls a book because of misinformation, we also pull it from our collection.  Unfortunately, this was a nonfiction bestseller.  We have many copies of the book and audiobook and they have many holds. The title information in the PAC has been revised to show why the this book is no longer available. The call number now says Recalled by publisher. No requests can be accepted for this title.   We have made the copies unholdable. We will notify requestors that the holds have been cancelled.   We are seeing if we can add more specific information on the cancellation notice. Please do not cancel holds yourself.

 Posted by Becky


One Response to “Publisher pulls Imagine : how creativity works by Jonah Lehrer”

  1. Bummer! I really enjoyed that book.

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