New Titles for MOSE Lifelong Learning

July 3, 2012

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Do Dogs Dream?: Nearly Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know
Coren, Stanley
Using a question and answer format, a psychology professor and dog researcher unravels mysteries about the social and emotional lives of dogs, including whether or not they recognize themselves in a mirror and if they are smarter than cats.
Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep
Randall, David K.
A reporter for the Associated Press examines the complex world of sleep and discusses interesting questions as to whether or not women sleep differently than men and if you killed someone while sleepwalking, whether it would count as murder.
Energy for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines
Muller, Richard A.
The author ofPhysics for Future Presidentsprovides answers to the big energy questions that will be asked over the next century, covering such topics as whether natural gas deposits hold promise, whether solar and wind power is viable and whether nuclear power will ever be safe.
Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety
Smith, Daniel
Shares the author’s personal experiences with anxiety, describing its painful coherence and absurdities while sharing the stories of other sufferers to illustrate anxiety’s intellectual history and influence.
More Baths, Less Talking: Notes from the Reading Life of a Celebrated Author Locked in Battle With Football, Family, and Time Itself
Hornby, Nick
Whether tackling a dismayingly bulky biography of Dickens while his children destroy something in the next room, or getting sucked into a serious assessment of Celine Dion during an intensely fought soccer match featuring his beloved Arsenal, or devouring an entire series of children’s books while on vacation, Hornby’s reviews are rich, witty, and occasionally madcap. These essays capture the joy and ire, the despair and exhilaration of the book-lover’s life, and will appeal equally to both monocle-wearing salonnieres and people, like him, who spend a lot of time thinking about Miley Cyrus’s next role.
Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back
Zolli, Andrew / Healy, Ann Marie
Tracing some of the economic highs and lows that impacted the world in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, an introduction to the emerging field of resilience research explains how to approach disruptions in ecosystems, businesses and governments to better reinforce interdependent world systems.
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