Dark Shadows starring Jonathan Frid, Ben Cross and some new guy named Depp.

May 7, 2012


Dark Shadows the film starring Johnny Depp  hits theaters this Friday. Set in the swinging port of Collinswood, you know its swinging ‘cuz there’s a  ’67 VW bus in the trailer.

Yeah, baby, yeah!


And yes before you ask, we will buy the film whenever it becomes available on DVD from our vendor Midwest Tape.


In the meantime we have the television show starring Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins and later Ben Cross in the same role in a short lived primetime remake.   Rather than buy the complete 131 disc 27,420 minute collection mentioned in this week’s Entertainment Weekly we’ve opted to buy several DVDs which contain selected fan favorite episodes, as well as the entire 1991 revival series.

The show also generated two films starring much of the original cast unfortunately House of Dark Shadows with it’s awesomely awful movie poster and Night of Dark Shadows are out of print at this time.  Both films really didn’t excite my old friend Roger Ebert who spent most of his review for House describing the problems of an blood diet (boring…night after night) and a lack of decent dental care options for vampires.  By the time Night came out a year later Roger’s patience was gone describing the film as “…a mean evil little enterprise.”

Here are the titles we’ll be adding while we await the Depp version of Dark Shadows.

Starring Jonathan Frid:

  • Dark Shadows — The Curse of the Vampire
  • Dark Shadows–The Haunting of Collinswood
  • Dark Shadows–The Best of Barnabus
  • Dark Shadows–Fan Favorites
  • Dark Shadows–Bloopers & Treasures

Starring Ben Cross:

  • Dark Shadows–The Revival

posted by Jim who watched Batman, Hogan’s Heroes, and Get Smart instead of Dark Shadows between 1966 and 1971.




One Response to “Dark Shadows starring Jonathan Frid, Ben Cross and some new guy named Depp.”

  1. bbuckingham Says:

    I am buying the new Dark Shadows graphic novel by Stuart Manning. Unfortunately, I was one of those kids who ran home from school to watch Dark Shadows.

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