New Titles for Standing Order Adult Fiction

April 30, 2012

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Creole Belle
Burke, James Lee
A continuation of the events in The Glass Rainbow finds Robicheaux in a New Orleans recovery unit, where he is introduced to a country blues song by a Creole girl whose subsequent disappearance prompts his search for the girl’s sister against a backdrop of a bayou-threatening oil well rupture in the Gulf of Mexico.
Backfire: An FBI Thriller
Coulter, Catherine
San Francisco Judge Ramsey Hunt, longtime friend to FBI agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, is presiding over the trial of Clive and Cindy Cahill – accused in a string of murders – when the proceedings take a radical turn. Federal prosecutor Mickey O’Rourke, known for his relentless style, becomes suddenly tentative in his opening statement, leading Hunt to suspect he’s been threatened – suspicions that are all but confirmed when Hunt is shot in the back.
The Wurst Is Yet to Come: A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery
Daheim, Mary
When she volunteers at the State B&B booth during Oktoberfest, trying to win some allies to save her inn, Judith McMonigle Flynn stumbles on a dead body and, agreeing to not get involved, convinces her cousin Renie to pose as the sleuth while she does the dirty work to solve this crime.
A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree
Dailey, Janet
No annotation @ this time.
Wicked Business: A Lizzy and Diesel Novel
Evanovich, Janet
Dazzling her patrons with scrumptious cupcakes at her Salem, Massachusetts bakery, Elizabeth Tucker continues to fall for the irresistible Diesel, who protects her from a villain who is seeking mystical stones tied to the seven deadly sins. By the best-selling author of the Stephanie Plum novels.
Night Watch
Fairstein, Linda A.
A thriller set against a backdrop of New York City’s most elite and storied restaurants follows the machinations of wealthy and powerful individuals who dine with corrupt police officers and criminals from the city’s dark and glamorous underside. By the best-selling author of Silent Mercy.
Hooper, Kay
Emma Rayburn was born and raised in Baron Hollow, North Carolina, and it was a quiet life. Then came… the accident and the nightmares each filled with unshakable visions of darkness, blind panic, and desperate women chased toward inevitable death. With no reports of local women missing or found dead, Emma has written it off to troubled imaginings night after dreaded night. Until her sister arrives.
Judgment Call
Jance, Judith A.
Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady has a problem that crisscrosses the personal and the political. Her daughter, Jenny, has discovered her high school principal murdered. It’s no fun digging into the uncomfortable truths about the man, especially when Jenny seems to know more and understand less than she’s revealing.
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