MOSE – New Titles for Ready Reader/Family Place

April 18, 2012

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Hampton, Kelle
When the author of the popular blog Enjoying the Small Things discovers that her newborn baby girl has Down syndrome, she soon learns that perfection comes in all different shapes and that she has been chosen to experience an extraordinary and special gift.
The Book of New Family Traditions: How to Create Great Rituals for Holidays and Every Day
Cox, Meg
Modernized for busy readers, a guide to organizing quality family activities in a world increasingly run by technological communication devices explains how to provide a sense of home and identity by establishing meaningful traditions for special occasions and every day.
The Drama Years: Real Girls Talk About Surviving Middle School–Bullies, Brands, Body Image, and More
Kilpatrick, Haley / Joiner, Whitney (CON)
The founder of the Girl Talk mentoring program shares the stories of middle-school girls who have struggled with issues ranging from social cliques and body image to parent conflicts and sexuality, offering advice on managing preadolescent stress while maintaining a positive academic record.
How to Rock Your Baby: And Other Timeless Tips for Modern Moms
Bried, Erin
Featuring time-tested advice from mothers who have raised extraordinary children, this charming guide for first-time mothers is filled with step-by-step how-to’s, advice and stories, including ways to calm a teething baby, make homemade baby food and lull a baby to sleep.
The Simple Guide to Having a Baby
Whalley, Janet, R. N. / Simkin, Penny / Keppler, Ann, R. N. / Durham, Janelle
A revised edition of an accessible and comprehensive guide distills information from the best-sellingPregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborninto a succinct format and shares down-to-earth information on the basic stages of pregnancy, what to expect in the delivery room and how to nurture and nourish a baby.
The Ultimate Allergy-Free Snack Cookbook: Over 100 Kid-Friendly Recipes for the Allergic Child
Zucker, Judi / Zucker, Shari
Contains over 100 kid-friendly recipes for the allergic child. The book begins by looking at food allergy basics. Followed by a complete recipe section of both sweet and savory treats, including Party Snacks, Travel Treats, Lunch Box Snacks, and Sports Snacks. Throughout this valuable book are useful tips and suggestions to help make it easier to prepare healthful snacks and introduce them to your kids.
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