(Insert cleverness here) Links: Series takes a in-depth look at Amazon

April 4, 2012

This week we’re starting a new feature here at Collection Developments.   Once a week we’ll be collecting links that we found newsworthy, but that didn’t make it into the blog as a full blown post.  Rather than let these pass by, we’ll post them here for you.    And, no we don’t have a catchy name yet.  My own attempts are evidence of either a lack of caffeine this morning; a lack of any semblance of creativity; or a massive cerebral hemorrhage.  But enough about me.

In the future the links will likely  feature stories from many sources but for this issue we kick off with a series already mentioned by Nancy in our previous post.

Lets go to the links.

Seattle Times:  Amazon a virtual no-show in hometown philanthropy

In a 2010 interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose, Bezos expressed doubt that philanthropy was the best way to solve social problems.

“I’m convinced that in many cases, for-profit models improve the world more than philanthropy models, if they can be made to work.”

He noted that Amazon’s e-book reader, the Kindle, might be seen as a low-cost, efficient way to distribute books worldwide to the underserved.

In many ways, Amazon’s culture is shaped by Bezos’ beliefs and background.

Seattle Times: Amazon.com trying to wring deep discounts from publishers

Standoff with publishers

Nothing speaks to the escalating tensions more plainly than a parody Amazon logo circulated among publishers. A pair of yellow horns adorns the top of Amazon’s name, and its trademark smile, moved to the end of the “z,” rather than underneath, looks like a devil’s tail.

Seattle Times:  States fight back against Amazon.com’s tax deals

The South Carolina episode is one of many confrontations Amazon has faced in its national fight to hang on, for as long as possible, to one of its major advantages over brick-and-mortar retailers.

The world’s largest Internet retailer currently collects sales taxes from customers in just five states, including Washington, giving it a price advantage of up to 10 percent in most of the country.

But the days of tax-free Internet shopping appear to be coming to an end, something that Amazon itself has conceded in recent months.

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4 Responses to “(Insert cleverness here) Links: Series takes a in-depth look at Amazon”

  1. Darren Says:

    Great inauguration of new feature

    I’m glad this article quotes Richard Russo at length on pricing issues. It seems popular authors could do much in PR terms, as well, to defend the right of reasonable access to their works by public libraries. I’m sure it’s appalling to many authors that legal and pricing battles are keeping them out of the public space where they know many of their readers discovered them.

  2. Jim McCluskey Says:


  3. Jim McCluskey Says:

    Not that it matters one iota to them, but the next time I make an online purchase I’m going somewhere other than Amazon.

  4. cleverness: Well collection Development has given us RINC and SINC, so how about… LINC? 🙂 (now I just have to make the acronym stand for something).

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