New Standing Order Fiction

March 29, 2012

Listed by Author M-Z
Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Let Love Find You
Lindsey, Johanna
Hiring professional matchmaker Devin Baldwin to help her secure a husband after two unsuccessful seasons on the marriage mart, Lady Amanda takes riding lessons from Devin to secure the interests of a titled horse-racing fan, a situation that is complicated when Amanda and Devin fall in love. By the best-selling author of the Malory series.
A Conspiracy of Friends
McCall Smith, Alexander / McIntosh, Iain (ILT)
The ongoing foibles of the residents of Corduroy Mansion are overshadowed by the disappearance of William’s faithful and clever terrier, Freddie de la Hay, who after being allegedly recruited by MI6 goes missing from a tour around the Suffolk countryside.
Touching the Sky
Peterson, Tracie
Though their first encounter is hardly auspicious, Laura Marquardt soon discovers herself drawn to the dashing Captain Brandon Reid. As an officer over the colored troops, he eagerly supports her desire to educate blacks and seek harmony in a town where the defeat of the South is a bitter reality.
The Long Earth
Pratchett, Terry / Baxter, Stephen
Finally finding the mecca of isolation in a distant region known as the High Meggas, Larry Lynsey, a recluse who is aggressively protective of his singular solitude, finds his quiet existence shattered by the arrival of two accidental tourists and will do everything is his power to make them leave.
Crystal Gardens
Quick, Amanda
Moving to a country cottage where she seeks refuge in a paranormally charged garden, Evangeline Ames is rescued from a would-be assassin by the garden’s owner, Lucas Sebastian, who taps Evangeline’s detective skills to solve a buried-treasure mystery and stop a common enemy.
The Witness
Roberts, Nora
Having had a traumatic experience 12 years prior, Abigail Lowery lives in a remote area, holed up on a house with high-tech security measures, a fierce guard dog and a cache of weapons, but this only serves to further intrigue police chief Brooks Gleason, who aims to protect Abigail from what she fears.
Stolen Prey
Sandford, John
When the brutal killing of a family in a small Minnesota town reveals unsettling similarities to drug-retribution crimes, baffled police officer Lucas Davenport is shocked by findings that lead him into the darkest case of his career. By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author ofBuried Prey.
The Shoemaker’s Wife
Trigiani, Adriana
This intricately woven tapestry of love and family, war and loss, risk and destiny follows star-crossed lovers Enza, a practical beauty, and Ciro, a strapping mountain boy, who, after their first meeting in the Italian Alps, find their destinies inexplicably entwined as they build their lives in America.
The Beginner’s Goodbye
Tyler, Anne
Sharing a happy marriage with the plain and outspoken Dorothy, Aaron, a physically disabled man who spent his youth avoiding a controlling sister, is devastated by his wife’s sudden death and moves through the grieving process with the help of her apparition. By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author ofBreathing Lessons.
Harbor Nocturne
Wambaugh, Joseph
A young longshoreman’s delivery of a Mexican dancer from the busy harbor of San Pedro to a Hollywood nightclub changes both of their lives when they encounter individuals on opposing sides of the law, including surfer cops Flotsam and Jetsam, aspiring actor Hollywood Nate and young Britney Small. By the best-selling author ofThe Onion Field.
Elegy for Eddie
Winspear, Jacqueline
When Eddie Pettit’s death is ruled an accident by the police, friends and neighbors believe that this gentle soul who had a special way with horses was murdered and Maine Dobbs, determined to do right by Eddie, searches for the truth amid the working-class of Lambeth.
Unnatural Acts: A Stone Barrington Novel
Woods, Stuart
Hired by a hedge-fund billionaire whose son has gone missing, Stone Barrington and Holly Barker launch what they believe will be an open-and-shut investigation only to uncover links to one of the most wanted and dangerous men in the world. By the Edgar Award-winning author ofSon of Stone.
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