New Fiction Standing Order

March 28, 2012

Listed by Author A-L
March 28, 2012
Annotations form Baker & Taylor or Ingram
The Big Cat Nap
Brown, Rita Mae
When a series of inexplicable car accidents are attributed to driver error, Harry Harristeen knows that something is amiss. Together with her intrepid team of feline, canine, and equine helpers, she begins to investigate, giving readers another charming, nail-biting Mrs. Murphy mystery—
Search and Destroy
Clancy, Tom / Telep, Peter
Max Moore is forced to unravel a horrifying plot. America’s enemies are uniting and working with forces already in place within the US. Moore is on the trail of heavy weapons that have been stolen from an American military installation when he gets shocking news: someone close to him has been kidnapped by the terrorists. Now he’s left with a cold choice: her life or the lives of thousands of innocent people.
Dailey, Janet
When two of her friends, thousands of miles apart, are struck down, Kenzie, an expert trainer of combat dogs, turns to Linc Bannon, a high-level intelligence officer for help in finding the truth: a dangerous mission that puts them both in the path of an unhinged killer with unfinished business.
Deaver, Jeffery
Catapulted into sudden fame by her beauty and talent, country pop artist Kayleigh Towne turns for help to Special Agent Kathryn Dance to stop a sadistic stalker who is targeting the people closest to the singer. By the best-selling author of The Bone Collector.
Wicked Business: A Lizzy and Diesel Novel
Evanovich, Janet
Dazzling her patrons with scrumptious cupcakes at her Salem, Massachusetts bakery, Elizabeth Tucker continues to fall for the irresistible Diesel, who protects her from a villain who is seeking mystical stones tied to the seven deadly sins. By the best-selling author of the Stephanie Plum novels.
Kiss the Dead
Hamilton, Laurell K.
U.S. Marshal Anita Blake must rescue a teenage girl who has been abducted by an ordinary group of people, who just happen to be newly turned vampires, in the latest novel in the New York Times best-selling series following Hit List.
In One Person
Irving, John
A tale inspired by the U.S. AIDS epidemic in the 1980s follows the experiences of individuals–including the bisexual narrator–who are torn by devastating losses and whose perspectives on tolerance and love are shaped by awareness of what might have been.
Kingsbury, Karen
Loving, book four in the Bailey Flanigan Series by New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, completes Bailey and Cody’s story. But who will the actress spend the rest of her life with: Brandon Paul, a rich, handsome man that any woman would be thrilled to marry or Cody Coleman, her first love?
Home from the Sea: An Elemental Masters Novel
Lackey, Mercedes
Fledgling Water Master Mari Prothero rebels against her expected arranged marriage at age 18 until she learns that her family’s magical heritage is actually protected by these unions, in the 11th book of the series following Unnatural Issue.
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