Harry Potter ebooks and audiobooks

March 27, 2012

There hasn’t been a lot of good news about downloads lately, but this is pretty darn awesome.

All of the Harry Potter ebooks and audiobooks will be available as for checkout early on Thursday morning.  I’ll be ordering 5 copies of each title in both formats to start.  The 5 to 1 holds ratio will apply to these titles, and the holds manager runs weekly to pick up any additional copies needed if/when it gets out of whack.

What makes me happy about all this is that the audiobooks are MP3 files.  ‘Yeah, yeah, so what” I hear you thinking.  What’s so awesome about them being in MP3 format is two, no three things.

  1. MP3 is compatible with most devices, so it works with iPad iPod, iPhone and so forth.  Read the list of supported devices, if you’re unsure.
  2. Pottermore has decided to allow CD burning of the audiobooks.
  3. These are the original Jim Dale recordings.  Jim Dale is awesome!

So, go outside and throw your hat in the air and shout, Hurrah Pottermore, Hurrah Harry Potter, Hurrah J.K. Rowling because this is big, wonderful, awesome news.

posted by jim.

P.S. the ebooks will work with your Kindle.


Peter Svenson at the Huntington Post has a brief article on the Pottermore deal and its implications for the ebook industry as a whole.   


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