50 Shades of Grey

March 15, 2012


The first title in a new trilogy of “mommy porn” is on order and ready to accept holds.  This title started out as an ebook, then was published by a small vanity press.  I declined to order – couldn’t find a review, had never heard of the author, didn’t know anything about the content.  Fast forward a few days: it went viral (must have been the author’s visit to the Today Show?).  Random House has scheduled publication of all three books in the series in the largest press run I’ve seen since Harry Potter was a pup.  I haven’t read a review but the customer buzz is building around the system.  And, yes, I’m a bit embarrassed that we didn’t get it on order sooner.

posted by Nancy


3 Responses to “50 Shades of Grey”

  1. David Says:

    Is “mommy porn” when a tall dark stranger arrives and then babysits the kids ?

  2. nmessenger Says:

    No, it’s when a tall, dark stranger arrives, opens a bottle of wine, and cleans the bathroom(s).

  3. Dawn Says:

    I just picked up the buzz on these yesterday at a luncheon at PLA. Apparently east coast book groups are into this! Mostly requested by old ladies, and somehow involves bondage. I remain puzzled.

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