New Native American Sound Recordings On Order

February 28, 2012

Northwest Heritage Resources has published four new recordings of Northwest Native American storytellers telling traditional stories and legends in both English and several Northwest native languages.  Covered tribes/languages include Yakama, Lummi, Chehalis, Skokomish, Jamestown S’Klallam, Quinalt, and Makah and Squaxin.  This project received support in part from the Folk & Traditional Arts Program of the NEA and also from the Washington State Arts Commission, the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center and Evergreen State College.  You can view cover art images of these recordings at the publisher’s web site.

We have seven of each of these on order:

1.  DuPuis, Curtis.  American Indian Stories of the Pete Family.

2. Beavert, Virginia.  Tiinmami Timnanaxt (Legends of the Sahaptin Speaking People).

3. Grinnell, Elaine. Ancestral Stories of the Klallam People.

4. Hillaire, Pauline.  Lummi Legends: Legends Told by My Father Kwul-Kwul-‘Tu.

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