New Adult Fiction – Standing Order

February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012
Annotations form Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Listed by Author
Born to Darkness
Brockmann, Suzanne
Michelle “Mac” Mackenzie, a super-human “Greater-Than” with unique abilities, teams up with a former Navy SEAL Shane Laughlin to stop the spread of a highly addictive drug called Destiny, which gives anyone the same abilities as a “Greater-Than.”
The Broken Land: A People of the Longhouse Novel
Gear, Kathleen O’Neal / Gear, W. Michael
A third entry in the quartet that includesThe Dawn Countryfinds a disgraced warrior, a war chief and a clan matron working together to stop a dangerous sorcerer and unite the warring Iroquoian nations.
What Doesn’t Kill You
Johansen, Iris
Trading information on the streets to survive after being abandoned at the age of 4, Catherine Ling is instructed by assassin and master poisoner Hu Chang before being recruited by the CIA and pitted against a rogue operative in a race to obtain a brutally deadly poison.
Capitol Murder: A Novel of Suspense
Margolin, Phillip
Dana and Brad are brought together once again when the convicted serial killer they put away escapes from death row and a new terrorist threat emerges.
The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection
McCall Smith, Alexander
Precious Ramotswe is back and, as usual, her plate is full! She’s called in to tackle a mysterious disciplinary problem at her adopted daughter’s school…Her infinitely trustworthy assistant, Grace Makutsi, is having trouble adjusting to wedded bliss, a problem to test even the formidable talents of Mma Ramotswe…And the estimable Clovis Andersen, author of The Principles of Private Detection—the No. 1 Ladies’ prized manual—has arrived, right there, in Botswana, on a case of his own. Bush tea anyone?
Fall from Grace
Patterson, Richard North
Attending the funeral of his estranged father and encountering an estate of complicated legal and financial arrangements, CIA operative Adam Blaine embarks on a search for his father’s killer that implicates members of his own family.
Peretti, Frank E.
A popular magic act for 40 years, Dane and Mandy are separated when a car wreck supposedly takes Mandy’s life, but instead she is transformed into her 19-year-old self in the present, and when the pair reunite, she still mesmerizes Dane–now 40 years her elder.
Come Home
Scottoline, Lisa
Rebalancing her life and career after a painful divorce, pediatrician Jill learns that her ex has died from an alleged overdose that her former stepdaughter believes was actually murder, a situation that forces Jill to choose between her duty to past circumstances and her future happiness.
Steel, Danielle
Her idyllic life shattered by her handsome boyfriend’s infidelity, renowned movie director Tallie Jones also discovers that one of her closest associates has been stealing from her for years, a situation that compels her to partner with a dashing FBI agent to identify a hidden enemy.
An Irish Country Courtship
Taylor, Patrick
In the small Irish village where he hopes to become a full partner in the local medical practice, Barry Laverty questions his ambitions in the face of a romantic reversal, while housekeeper Kinky Kincaid dreads the loss of her status to Dr. O’Reilly’s new paramour.
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