Read Rage: Challenges Getting Audiobooks in Series

December 15, 2011

Cover imageAt yesterday’s Lifelong Learning MOSE IG meeting, someone mentioned the need to consider retrospective development of fiction and audio series for lifelong learners.  It is an excellent point with which I couldn’t agree more, and I do pledge to give this more thought and attention going forward.

However, there are challenges acquiring all the titles in a series, and I wanted to point out one unique difficulty with respect to audio.   The rights to produce an audiobook for the individual titles tend to ping pong between different publishers, and often these audio publishers have little relationship to the original print publisher of the book titles aside from purchasing those rights. As a result, availability of a series in audio can be inconsistent.  A good example of this is Mary Daheim’s Bed and Breakfast Mysteries.  Recorded Books has produced an audio of Vi Agra Falls and Blackstone has produced Suture Self, while most of these titles appear to have no unabridged book on CD available.

This situation may change in the coming age of downloadable audio, because there could be less of a production cost barrier.  In the meantime I encourage SINC’s any time you find popular series titles available or would like me to research possible completion of a series you know your customers like or need.

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  1. Betsy Arand Says:

    Thanks, Darren!

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