A letter to mainstream literature

December 14, 2011

Picture from wondersinthedark.wordpress.com

Author Daniel Abraham wrote a guest post on SF Signal: A Private Letter from Genre to Literature

 Speculative Fiction and Mainstream Literature have always had a rocky relationship and can never seem to find common ground:

This artificial separation between us is painful, it is undignified, and it fools no one. In company, we sneer at each other and make those cold, cutting remarks. And why? You laugh at me for telling the same stories again and again. I call you boring and joyless. Is it wrong, my dear, that I hope the cruel things I say of you cut as deeply as the ones you say of me?

Can’t they just get along?

via Smart Bitches Trashy Books

posting by Lorraine


One Response to “A letter to mainstream literature”

  1. Becky Says:

    as a long term reader of science fiction and fantasy, I love this.

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