Iconoclash: A Note About On Order and Recently Added Items

December 9, 2011

One thing to keep in mind as you advise customers on browsing on order or recently added items on our web page (http://www.sno-isle.org/?ID=1172&type=all&sr=21#start): icons for eBooks, large print items, and other downloadable formats will likely  have icons that look just like the icon for regular print books.  However, if you click on the entry, the actual catalog record should have the right particular Polaris  icon for its respective format.  The recently added list is an internally developed product, not something provided by Polaris, so icon representation may not always correspond to exact format.  Thanks for noting.


Here’s an All On Order entry for the large print edition of Death Amid Gems by Meagan Meehan:




Here’s the actual catalog record for the item, where you can see it’s large print.






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