MOSE New Books List – Lifelong Learning

December 2, 2011

Campos, Christian.  1000 Ideas for 100 Manga Artists. Quayside Pub Group, 2011.  

Cover imageHow much would a course on drawing cost given by the top 100 international manga artists? How much would they charge to share their most highly valued techniques? This book brings together 100 manga artists and asks each one to offer 10 practical tips for the manga enthusiast on techniques, sources of inspiration, and the best way to build their portfolios. Detailed photographs, 1,000 in total, taken by the artists themselves serve to illustrate each of these 1,000 tips.

 Cover image

Graham, Renata. Designing Bead and Wire Jewelry: Everything the Beginner Needs to Know.  St. Martins Press, 2011. 

Here are the answers to all the questions aspiring jewelers ask themselves after they leave the bead store. Now what do I do? How do I put all my amazing purchases together to create a beautiful piece? What shapes will work well in this piece? Do I need spacers? Can I pair crystal with wood, metal with malachite? This book answers all these questions and a whole load of others that aspiring designers are likely to encounter. From basic information on color theory and bead types to techniques and essential designs, all laid out in stunning full-color photos, here is a must-have guide to the key design principles for making beautiful beaded jewelry. And with complete step-by-step directions for 20 wonderful projects–plus valuable insider advice from the author, an experienced teacher–you can put all this theory right into practice.

John Wiley and Sons. Do It Yourself Kitchens.  Wiley, 2011.

Cover imageIdeas and instruction for sprucing up your kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the space in which everyone seems to end up gathering. This book, from the editors of the popular Do It Yourself magazine, gives a wide variety of ideas for spicing up a kitchen, from tiling a backsplash to adding window treatments to increasing storage and functionality. You′ll get the know-how to improve your cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and more, with clear, concise instructions and photos guiding you every step of the way. Plus, you can browse through do-it-yourself kitchen makeovers with before-and-after photos to inspire your own ideas and projects.

Hazel, Sarah and Emma King.  Exploring Color in Knitting: Techniques, Swatches, and Projects to Expand Your Knitting Horizons. Barron’s Educational Series, INc., 2011.

Mastering the art of blending and contrasting different colors in a sweaterCover image, bag, or other knitted item is a good way to transform an otherwise ordinary knitted garment or accessory into a thing of outstanding beauty. This new book offers guidance and advice to knitting enthusiasts on every aspect of creating beautiful knitted goods through imaginative uses of color. The authors open by giving readers a clear understanding of color theory, describing warm and cool colors, brights and pastels, tints, tones, and shades. They go on to show how to incorporate stripes or Fair Isle or Intarsia effects in a knitted item to produce stunning results. They also give expert advice on adding decorations, such as knitting with beads or sequins, or creating beautiful edgings in contrasting colors. Detailed instructions are presented for seven colorful projects, which include a contrasting striped bag, a handsome table runner, a beautifully patterned cushion, a pair of vivid multicolored hand warmers, and others. Readers will also find advice on seeking out sources of inspiration and tips on making yarn choices. Approximately 350 color photos.

 FitzhCover imagearris, Tim.  National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography. Firefly Books, LTD, 2012.

A masterphotographer’s guide to capturing the natural landscape — written for hobbyists and pros. 

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