New Adult Westerns Added to Collection

November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011
Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Listed by author
The Way of the West
Kelton, Elmer
Capturing the excitement and danger of the Old West, this trio of novellas, written by the masters of Western fiction, includes Elmer Kelton’s “Long Ride, Hard Ride,” Cotton Smith’s “Morning War” and Max Brand’s “Desert Pilot,” in which a quiet man learns to stand up for himself in a lawless town.
The Lawless West
L’Amour, Louis / Grey, Zane / Brand, Max
An anthology of three short novels, by three of the greatest writers the Western has ever known. At approximately 150 pages, L’Amour’s novella is the longest and makes up the majority of the book.
Hang Him High: A Western Duo
Patten, Lewis B.
In veteran western author Patten’s Old West, the average citizen was in a constant struggle to repel the avarice of the powerful. That theme is played out vividly in these two novellas. As “Dance Hall Girl” opens, Tom Otis assumes he’ll inherit the Anchor Ranch after his father passes away.  In “Hang Him High,” Lew Moffit returns to the family ranch in Kennebeck, a town named for its most powerful citizen.
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