New Adult Non-Fiction 000-399

November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011
Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram
Hoodwinked: An Economic Hit Man Reveals Why the Global Economy Imploded-And How to Fix It
Perkins, John
The best-selling author ofConfessions of an Economic Hit Mantakes aim and the current global economic crisis and attempts to clear a path out of the rubble by providing a plan for remaking the economic markets, in a update of a best-selling title that includes amended material and a new chapter.
It’s All About the Dress: Savvy Secrets, Priceless Advice, and Inspiring Stories to Help You Find “The One”
Fenoli, Randy
The fashion director from New York’s Kleinfeld Bridal provides guidance, insights and inspiration to brides seeking out the perfect dress on their wedding day, including information on flattering cuts, fabrics and styles as well as staying in budget.
Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real With the Housewife Who Does It All
Richards, Kyle
The star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” shares lifestyle advice based on her successful management of her home and family responsibilities, offering insight into how she achieved a healthy work-life balance without nannies, stylists, or personal chefs.
Managing Retirement Wealth: An Expert Guide to Personal Portfolio Management in Good Times and Bad
Jason, Julie
Offers a process for structuring and managing customized portfolios, with the aim of increasing one’s retirement wealth, so that the golden years can be enjoyed without financial worry.
The Twitter Book
O’Reilly, Tim / Milstein, Sarah
Twitter is not just for talking about your breakfast anymore. It’s become an indispensable communications tool for businesses, non-profits, celebrities, and people around the globe. With the second edition of this friendly, full-color guide, you’ll quickly get up to speed not only on standard features, but also on new options and nuanced uses that will help you tweet with confidence.
The Wall Street Journal Guide to Starting Fresh: How to Leave Financial Hardships Behind and Take Control of Your Financial Life
Blumenthal, Karen
A guide to starting over financially after losing a spouse, declaring bankruptcy or foreclosing a home provides coverage of topics ranging from debt and housing to insurance and savings.
The Zombie Handbook
Curran, Robert, Dr.
Offers tips and advice about how to survive a zombie attack, how to avoid becoming a zombie, and what to do if confronted by the living dead.
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