Where is the next volume in my favorite graphic novel series?

October 6, 2011

Publishers sometimes cancel a series in the middle, leaving readers hanging.

The following standing order graphic novels were cancelled:

  • B.O.D.Y. – after volume 10
  • Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs – after volume 17
  • My Heavenly Hockey Club – after volume 8
  • Reborn – after volume 16

It gets worse when a company goes out-of-business.  Toykopop USA went out-of-business this summer leaving several of our standing order titles unfinished. Kodansha finished off a few of the titles, but does not publish the older volumes.  I had to make regular use of my “cancelled” reject answer on my RINCS.

Here are unfinished standing order titles from Toykopop USA:

  • Elemental Gelade – after volume 12
  • Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition ( we have all of the Fruits Basket individual volumes)
  • Me & My Brothers – after volume 11
  • NG Life – after volume 9
  • Sgt. Frog – after volume 20
  • Shinobi Life – after volume 7
  • Trinity Blood – after  volume 12
  • V.B. Rose – after volume 12

The worst of the loss of Toykopop USA is that all of the older volumes are also out-of-print.  I cannot replace lost or worn volumes of many well-loved series.  I have has several SINCs recently asking for replacement for Toykopop volumes.

As mulitple volumes within a series lose all of the copies, I will be removing all the volumes within a series.  It is just too frustrating to have to skip through a broken series.

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2 Responses to “Where is the next volume in my favorite graphic novel series?”

  1. EZimmer Says:

    Oh, dear I will have to share this news with several dissapointed teens. Thanks for the update!

  2. Betsy Says:

    Thanks, Becky, for keeping up with all the various series, titles and publihers over the years!

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